Lily Collins as Snow White

Mermaid Time!


Katniss with wings.

Each and every girl is beautiful. But do you know where true beauty comes from? It glows from inside and it radiates through her eyes and her smile. So no matter your shape or size, embrace who you are and find happiness in what you can offer to this world.

Small cooperation wit amazing Cassey Ho

Something sad for today. Old old request…

Small cooperation with AMAZING Cassey Ho from Blogilates :)

A bit out of date - I know. ;]

I”ve always loved Mrs. Doubtfire. 

Mercury Power!

Sailor Moon Crystal vs older Sailor Moon vs Rapunzel, Merida and Thor! :>

I adore new SM. C:

Small changes :)

Waiting for SM Crystal…

Elsa and Maleficent: short story


What would happen if Burton didn’t resign from being Maleficent’s movie director? Here’s my idea..